Tree Stump Removal

Whether you need land cleared for development, or you’ve just one tree stump to remove, we’ve got the specialist equipment, skills and knowledge to remove tree stumps in even the most awkward circumstances.

Where we work

We deliver a fast, efficient service for small-scale or domestic stump grinding and stump removal in Exeter and the Teign Valley, as well as commercial and contract work across the south west from Swindon to Gloucestershie to Devon.

Why is tree stump removal necessary?

We all know how annoying old tree stumps can be to mow around, and they’ll often take up precious garden space that could be used for more attractive plants or landscaping. But there are more important reasons for completely removing tree stumps.

Dead stumps can be prone to root disease, such as honey fungus and other rotting organisms that could infect neighbouring trees and plants, and stumps are a perfect haven for pests.

Removing tree stumps and roots also prevents new shoots forming from a live trunk and its roots (also known as suckering).

Stump grinding and tree stump removal services

Removing tree stumps can be a heavy, difficult job and its best left to professionals unless you’ve got the right skills and equipment.

Stump grinding

A skilled tree stump remover can completely remove the tree stump and root system using a stump grinder. Stump grinding mechanically grinds out the stump and its root plate and remaining roots soon rot down and disappear. Shallow tree stump grinding is sufficient for re-turfing. Deeper grinding is required for re-landscaping.  And with a stump grinder, a depth of upto eighteen inches beneath ground level is achievable.

Chemical stump Killing

We’ll use specialist methods to apply chemicals to live, freshly cut or felled trees in order to kill the stump and its roots.

You’re welcome to use the remaining sawdust in your garden as mulch, but otherwise we’ll remove tree stump debris and leave your garden or grounds in perfect condition.

Safety first in tree stump removal

We carry out all tree work with a commitment to safety. All of our tree surgeons are highly trained to industry standard. We’re comprehensively insured and work in compliance with the latest health and safety laws.

We can provide a free site survey and a no-obligation quote outlining stump grinding costs or stump removal costs in more detail. If you need a tree stump removing, please call 0117 9048780 for our Bristol office, 01647 253 637 for our Exeter Office or use our enquiry form on our contact page.

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