Tree Felling

Tree felling is the process of completely removing a tree. It’s not an easy thing to do and the process can be extremely dangerous. It therefore requires the specialist knowledge, tree felling techniques and equipment of a qualified tree feller.

Here at Blackberry Gardens, we’re able to provide tree felling in large-scale development projects, built-up urban areas and one-off domestic projects.

Why is tree felling necessary?

Tree felling may be required for a number of reasons:

  • To remove a hazardous tree
  • For the re-development of land
  • To prevent damage to nearby buildings and plants (by spreading roots and drying soil)
  • To improve light and views surrounding your property
  • To stop dying, diseased trees infecting surrounding trees and plants
  • To allow for new garden landscaping (such as terracing or patios)


Tree felling techniques

If space and safety permits, we’ll fell the tree using traditional tree felling cuts and techniques. Careful planning is required and we’ll assess the area to ensure a controlled and calculated fell. We do this to ensure the felling tree does not damage surrounding buildings, trees or plants or cause harm to passers-by.

If the tree is particularly large, or it’s in a built-up area, our tree fellers will climb the tree using specialist climbing and safety equipment, and cut down the tree in sections.

Once the tree has been felled, we can also remove the tree stump.

Read more about tree stump removal here.

Felling trees that are protected

Some trees have preservation orders and to do any work on them (including pruning or felling trees) will require the permission of your local authority. Our specialist tree surgeons are able to check for protection orders and gather evidence to support a proposal for work on protected trees. This could include health deterioration, wind damage or potential damage to property.  We can also advise on exceptions (i.e. where permission is not required).

Safety first in tree felling


  • We carry out all tree felling with a commitment to safety first.
  • All of our tree surgeons are highly trained to industry standards
  • We hold comprehensive insurance
  • All jobs are risk-assessed
  • We work in compliance with the latest health and safety laws
  • All our ropes and lifting equipment is Lola certified
  • We clear and prepare the area to protect people and property.

We can provide a free site survey and a no-obligation quote outlining the tree felling cost in more detail.

If you need a tree or trees removing please call 0117 9048780 for our Bristol office, 01647 253 637 for our Exeter Office or use our enquiry form on our contact page.