Tree and Hedge Care

To help and ensure the long life of trees and hedges, especially in an urban environment, we often need to maintain them.  This can take several forms:


Reducing the height and/or spread of a tree or hedge, whilst maintaining its shape.

Crown thinning 

removing branches within the tree without affecting its overall shape or height. These branches can be diseased, dead or simply too numerous, giving less air flow through the tree and therefore increasing its chances of disease.


To ensure you have a balanced tree, our tree surgeons can prune your tree to a better shape. This process is normally carried out during the above processes as a matter of course.

Crown lift

Pruning the lower branches of a tree to "lift" the canopy, usally carried out for access purposes.

Cable bracing

In older trees with large forks, to help ensure large branches do not snap out, our tree surgeons can attach bracing to the rest of the tree supporting the limbs. These systems do not hurt the tree in anyway and can aid in the tree's longevity.

Hedge trimming

To keep your hedge in top shape, we recommend that hedges are trimmed every couple of years, with conifer hedges every year.

Our qualified and experienced specialist teams can help you make the right decsions for your tree or hedge and can take care of any council processes should your property fall within a conservation area or your tree have a tree preservation order (TPO) placed on it.