Tree Surgery

Here at Blackberry Gardens our highly-qualified, expert tree surgery team can tackle any job, from small-scale domestic tree work to tree management on large commercial or development sites.

Blackberry Gardens’ tree services

We provide complete tree care, from regular maintenance to specialist tree felling, including:

  •     Crown reductions and thinning
  •     Canopy lifts
  •     Pest and disease control
  •     Pollarding, Coppicing and Bracing
  •     Tree planting
  •     Tree protection
  •     Tree felling
  •     Stump removal and stump grinding
  •     Tree survey and reports (for insurance, planning and mortgage purposes)
  •     Tree planning proposals (for tree work on protected trees)
  •     Ancient tree management


Who we work with

Our expert tree surgeons work with commercial and public sector clients across the South West from Devon to Wiltshire. We also undertake domestic work, providing tree surgeons in and around Exeter and the Teign Valley 

Our approach to tree services

Our aim is to keep our local trees in healthy condition to enhance our landscapes, preserve wildlife habitats and protect rare tree species.

Where trees or limbs are damaged or diseased, we’ll use our expertise and specialist equipment to diagnose and treat the condition. We’ll act fast and efficiently to stop the spread of disease, ensure your safety and protect surrounding buildings and plants from damage.

When working with you, your neighbours and any third party (such as the local authority, insurance brokers or mortgage lenders), we’ll always be polite, considerate and friendly.

All waste is regularly cleared from your site or garden, and disposed off responsibly. You can read more about our green policy here.

Safety first in tree surgery

We carry out all tree surgery and tree work with a commitment to safety first. All of our tree surgeons are highly trained to industry standard. We’re comprehensively insured and work in compliance with the latest health and safety laws. All work is subject to a thorough risk assessment.

Why hire a qualified a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon is a qualified practitioner who has the knowledge, skills and specialist equipment to treat dying, damaged or decaying trees. Because this often involves working at height with chainsaws and in potentially dangerous situations, we recommend that you seek professional advice.

Maintaining the life of your favourite trees requires regular maintenance or pruning. This helps to preserve their shape, let in light and keep size under control. If you’re not sure about when and how to cut a tree, we advise you call a professional tree surgeon to avoid damage, infection and the spread of disease.

We always provide a free site survey and a free, no-obligation quote. So if you need a tree surgeon, please call 0117 9048780 or 01647 253637 or use our enquiry form on our contact page. or use our enquiry form on our contact page.

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