Soft Landscaping

The soft landscaping of a new or existing garden is often the most exciting part.  Imagine a garden without plants or a lawn!  It may seem obvious, but these things actually take just as much expertise as the building side of the project.  Trees planted in the wrong position or incorrectly managed can at best be a nuisance, at worst cause structural damage to walls, underground services and even houses.  A lawn incorrectly laid will never stand a chance of establishing itself into the bowling green/football pitch that you wished for!  As such we can offer expert advice and management of your soft landscaping.

With the right design and application in a high quality build, gardens can be transformed from a space that you don’t want to look at (because you’re reminded of grass that hasn’t been cut or the hedges that haven’t been trimmed) to one you want to use and enjoy as much as possible. It’s the little details that maximize the use and enjoyment you can get from your garden: trees placed just so, to ensure privacy yet exploit any sunshine to the full; the choice of plants to give the backdrop you want – colour and year round coverage, but still minimizing any maintenance problems; The correct turf laid to give you the lawn best suited to your garden and what you use it for.  These are all areas in which we can help, your garden should be a space that you want (and are able) to get out, use and enjoy, we can help - just give us a call!

Soft Landscaping projects

  • Establishing a framework (i.e. beds and borders)
  • Improving soil
  • Laying turf or improving turf
  • Choosing, planting or moving trees
  • Choosing, planting or moving shrubs
  • Planting and maintaining hedges
  • Creating planting themes
  • Pruning
  • Container planting
  • Creating a vegetable plot

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