Garden Design

Whether you’re starting from scratch, planning an overhaul or you simply want to make the best of an existing garden design, our garden designers can help you create the perfect outside space.

Garden design considerations

Before tackling the hard landscaping and planting that will transform your garden, take some time to consider what you want your garden for.

Working out what features you need and how they’ll fit is the first step in designing a garden. A well-designed garden adds value to your home, and careful planning will ensure you make the most of your investment.

Here are some ideas to think about before you meet a garden designer:

  •     Is your garden for relaxing or playing, or a haven for plants and wildlife?
  •     Would you like an area for eating and entertaining?
  •     How much time can you dedicate to gardening?
  •     Would you like to grow your own fruit and veg?
  •     What levels of privacy do you require?
  •     What storage do you require for garden tools?
  •     Do you need an area dedicated to composting and waste?
  •     Do you require parking?
  •     Does your garden design need to include a play area i.e. swings and a sandpit?
  •     Do you require an outside tap and electricity to light seating and storage areas?

To design a garden successfully, you need to be realistic. Keep in mind the overall size of your garden, your budget and any site restrictions, such as steep slopes and permanent structures.

What can I expect from a Blackberry garden designer?

We’ll aim to give you inspiration, sharing garden design concepts on a detailed plan with examples of proposed materials. You’ll be able to visualise the finished garden with a plan, drawn to scale. This process will enable us to give you an estimated cost.

Typical garden designs

You’ll find a garden design to suit all sorts of budgets and sites! We’ll encourage you to view your garden as an extension of your home, integrating the two with landscaping materials, layouts and plants that complement surrounding architecture and landscapes.

Small garden design

If you’ve only got a small space, you’ll want to make the most of every inch. Big, bold statements work well in small garden designs – and our hard landscaping skills will help you create a unified, calm and beautiful outdoor space, however small.

Urban garden design

Today’s urban areas mean we’re living on top of each other. Our outdoor space is often just a basement, a roof-top or a narrow strip. But don’t worry! With careful planning we can transform even the most awkward site into a private, peaceful haven. We’ve lots of tricks to brighten and make the most of any space!

Front garden design

Front gardens are always on show so we recommend planting and paths that are easy to maintain and provide year-round colour and interest. If you’re using your front garden for parking, your ground-cover needs to be durable and security should be provided by railings, gates or hedges. As a rule, front garden designs are usually more formal than back-gardens.

Patio design

Patios usually link the house and garden, making it easy to transport food and drinks. But you may wish to create a patio where you get the most sun. We’ll help you decide on the most appropriate situation and size of your patio, and offer advice on paving texture, colour and pattern. If you’re on a tight budget, concrete slabs can look just as good as natural stone if designed and laid well. Just ask to see some examples.

Garden decking design

Decking is a very popular and versatile feature in any garden and a stylish way to enhance a passageway or seated area. Decks can be used instead of a paved terrace and can be wrapped around a house. They’re perfect for creating roof-terraces, providing built-in outdoor furniture and they’ll easily accommodate awkward spaces. For a no-obligation chat about the best deck for your garden – just get in touch!

Contemporary garden design

You don’t need to stick to garden designs that reflect the era of your home. In and around Bristol there are hundreds of Victorian homes that will look fabulous with contemporary garden designs. The key is in picking complementary materials.  Our garden designers can create perfect contemporary compositions using simple colour schemes, striking architectural plants and crisp paving and features.

Back garden design

Whether your preference is for contemporary, formal or cottage-style, we’ll help you identify the types of plants, landscaping materials and layout that suit your home, surroundings and practical needs. Depending on your budget, we’ll work with what you’ve got or design a garden from scratch!

Garden designing and landscaping is our business, so please get in touch for a no-obligation quote and more information on our garden design services in Exeter and the Teign Valley.  Call 01647 253 637 or use our enquiry form on our contact page.

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