We are specialists in turning around large scale projects from complete re-design to alterations of existing landscaping and enhancing your garden to achieve its full potential. From patios, to decking, re-turfing and re-planting, together with our tree surgery team, we can turn even the most overgrown jungle into a show stopper.

At Blackberry Gardens, we have a real passion for enabling people to use their gardens.  We find many gardens are hardly used, even when the weather is good.  There is such potential for creating space where the outside can be utilised as another room. 

With the right design and application of such in a high quality build, gardens can be transformed from a space that you don’t want to look at (because you’re reminded of grass that hasn’t been cut or the hedges that haven’t been trimmed) to one you want to use and enjoy as much as possible.


It’s the little details that maximise the use and enjoyment you can get from your garden: retaining walls built in the right place and at the right height so they double as seating for your garden party guests; trees and structures placed just so, to ensure privacy yet exploit any sunshine to the full; the choice of plants to give the backdrop you want – colour and year round coverage, but still minimising any maintenance problems – you get the picture.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers excellent service: from a clever design to get the best from your available space; through to building and planting your garden using high quality (reclaimed where possible) materials, combined with expert craftsmanship.  All to give you the garden that works for you and your family.

We provide a full design service, with full knowledge of all building regulations, including planning, and with expertise in plant knowledge, we can get the best from the space you have, with all your considerations in mind.